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Savage Mansion - Revision Ballads (LP)


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The debut record from Craig Angus (raised in Australia, now in Glasgow) under the Savage Mansion name covers an impressive amount of ground, from smart ass power pop to grubby, loud and loose rock'n'roll.

Revision Ballads wears its influences from the Velvet Underground, Neil Young, REM, Pavement and Parquet Courts proudly on its sleeve, and represents the first complete statement yet as to what makes Savage Mansion such a loud, loose and endlessly entertaining proposition. From the ferociously melodic likes of ‘Bring Down The City Hall’ and ‘Nudist Beach’ to deceptively easy-going earworm about confronting a childhood tormentor ‘Elwood’, ‘Dog O’ Tears’ rambling response to living in an increasingly xenophobic society, and the final climactic bone-rattling shake of ‘Older and Wiser’, Savage Mansion are the heart and the soul and the kick-in-the-arse call to action every self-respecting DIY scene needs.

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